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COVID 19 has impacted every corner of our world. Tuskegee Wesley has not remained unscathed.  Tuskegee Wesley remains dedicated to its mission of training and molding the next servant leaders for the Church and the world. As Tuskegee Wesley Students shelter in place in dorm rooms and in cities all across this world, we are reminded of those workers who are unable to shelter in place. Those who are on the frontline of fighting this pandemic. They are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital chaplains, grocers, police officers, firemen, environmental service workers, researchers, mail carriers, truck drivers, and the list goes on. 


In partnership with CHARITABLE ALUMNI OF TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AND FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY(FAMU), Tuskegee Wesley has committed to Feed Frontline workers in one of the virus epicenters, New York City.  We will also make donations to the COVID funds for students who are currently sheltered on the campuses of Tuskegee and FAMU.

Join as we raise funds to feed frontline workers in New York City.  Every $30 donation that you make can feed 3 frontline workers and help to support a local restaurant. Each Donation is Tax Deductible. Please donate by Wednesday, May 27, 2020.  We will donate meals beginning May 1, 2020 until our funds are exhausted. Click here to FEED the FRONTLINE OF NYC.

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